Conflict - Info (Becc walking down the street rocking a sheep while bending spoons)


is a webcomic written by Brock Forest and drawn by Robin Fast. New pages are released weekly (every Thursday); rarely there will be an episode that will deviate from this formula to add a bit more pizaz to the episode. The story follows the two male protagonists~ Becc Fade and Ed Fafacada as well as occasional appearances from other side characters. To get inside the head of the creators you may go to the extras page and then on into the "Creators Corner"; where you can find videos and rants about the thought process for everything~ going into these episodes as well as the creative process~. Inside the "Extras" panel you may also find some custom made background images for download as well as our random "short" little one off images. In "The Making of" you can view the storyboards Brock and Robin create as well as other images of the creative process. If you wish to show your support on a social media site or simply just subscribe to get constant progress updates you may find the approriate information in the "Social" tab. Any or all questions and/or concerns you may have can be directed to: where I will hopefully be able to respond to anything you may require. Any inquiry you may have about the license we identify our work under should be able to be found below.
Creative Commons License Conflict by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.