Conflict, cover: Becc is shaving in the mirror looking into an alternate dimension.
Conflict, page 1: Becc comes to a stark realization that something about reflections is more sketchy than it appears. Conflict, page 2: The conversation falls silent so Ed goes to the bathroom to investigate. Conflict, page 3: Becc jumps out from behind the door shoving Ed into the tub and then leaping in after him. Conflict, page 4: After being transported to the mirror world a hawk person informs they are trespassing. Conflict, page 5: Apprehended by the birdman they are escorted across the lands. Conflict, page 6: Finally arriving at the giant cathedral Becc and Ed are now face to face with Eba. Conflict, page 7: Becc and Ed appear in front of Eba accused of trespassing. Conflict, page 8: Detained in a prison made of mirrors!  However things seem far from tame even in here. Conflict, page 9: The minotaur informs them that they are stuck in a maze with no way out. Conflict, page 10: A few more characters find their way into Becc and Ed's company while ridiculing Bruce the minotaur. Conflict, page 11: Becc, ignoring Bruce's advice climbs the wall only to be met by a stern warning by the guards and a soaking from a water bottle. Conflict, page 12: Becc springs his plan into action; grabbing the ram he smashes his way through the walls of the mirror maze to freedom! Conflict, page 13: As the crew tears through the maze Eba is informed of the escape and comes to the front lines. Conflict, page 14: Eba's Borzio guards are called to the front lines and in a blaze of stupidity and chaos manage to make matters worse for her. Conflict, page 15: Eba charges toward Becc and Ed who quickly leap into the tub and pull the plug once they have left the mirror world. Conflict, page 16: Becc and Ed, back in their own home walk down a hallway still wet from the tub; meanwhile eyes leer at them from the bathroom. Conflict, Created by: Brock Forest and Robin Fast, with Guest Artist: Nicole Lekach.