Conflict, cover: The giant ship Tilan A.A. tears through the flooded world as it soars above a city.
Conflict, page 1: News breaks out that a 'Mer-giraffe' (Ace) is stealing animals from zoos so Ed decides to investigate. Conflict, page 2: Becc hears news of imminant world flooding while Ed heads to Aces. Conflict, page 3: Ed shocked at the sight of massive ship carries on to Ace's house still in search of her. Conflict, page 4: After searching Ace's house Ed finds her outback in her ship with a line of animals entering it. Conflict, page 5: Ed confronts Ace who appears to be busy at work gathering a plethora of DNA. Conflict, page 6: Caught up with current events Ed finally finds out that the world is flooding but seems out of luck for a quick solution with Ace's ship. Conflict, page 7: Ace explains via a comparison to Ed why he is an invalid individual for the human race. Conflict, page 8: Ed returns home defeated only to find Becc busy working away in the basement. Conflict, page 9: Becc tries to decieve Ed about his submarine and when Ed calls him out on it they decide team work is probably for the best. Conflict, page 10: The submarine is ruled out as an option for both parties to use so Becc devises a new plan. Conflict, page 11: All goes according to plan as a unicorn approaches the main entrance while Ace stops its entry. Conflict, page 12: Becc and Ed are sneaking around the backside of the ship with ladder and disguises in hand. Conflict, page 13: Adorned in their raptor suits Becc and Ed vault on their ladder to Ace's ship. Conflict, page 14: Finally atop the ship subtlety, Ed asks for the rest of the plan. Conflict, page 15: Inside of the desert~ biome a newly constructed log cabin sits while Becc and Ed wait out the storm. Conflict, Created by: Brock Forest and Robin Fast.