Conflict, cover: Becc and Ed sit in classicaly decorated old fashioned room.
Conflict, page 1: Becc is being tortured as the power has been out for 5~ minutes as Ed reads a book. Conflict, page 2: Becc wakes up with a wound on his head in and old-timey house with a suicide note in front of him. Conflict, page 3: Ed appears as an animated painting on the wall while Becc gets a feel for things. Conflict, page 4: Becc stumbles upon Ed's corpse 'buried' out front of the house. Conflict, page 5: The police are notified of the murder of Ed and arrive just as Becc 'hides' the corpse. Conflict, page 6: Becc plays off the corpse as simply a bed of tulips to elude the police' suspicions. Conflict, page 7: The police now eluded, Ed is still convinced he holds the upper hand over Becc. Conflict, page 8: Ed informs Becc that he was the one who murdered him to create more conflict. Conflict, page 9: Becc resigns himself to the fact that he murdered Ed, while Ed promises to exact his revenge. Conflict, page 10: Becc grabs an axe as Ed sicks his zombie-ghost on him. Conflict, page 11: The zombie-ghost is quickly dispatched with by a swift axing to the face by Becc. Conflict, page 12: After a quick discussion about what fear really is Ed decides collapse the house in on Becc drawing things to a relative close. Conflict, page 13: Things return back to normal as Ed reads by the candle light and Becc sleeps on until the power returns. Conflict, Created by: Brock Forest and Robin Fast.