Conflict, cover: Becc stands atop a hill of numbers looking down upon Ed.
Conflict, page 1: Becc and Ed are lounging around when Becc gets right into it inquiring as to which side Ed chooses. Conflict, page 2: Becc finally elaborates as to what he is talking about while ignoring Ed's latest remark. Conflict, page 3: Ed sort of starting to catch onto what Becc is saying,while Becc explains while the odd numbers are the best. Conflict, page 4: As Ed expresses his apathy toward the situation Becc teleports both of them to the 'e' island. Conflict, page 5: The armies are ralied and the fight is set to begin.  Becc and Ed take control of their respective even and odd numbered army. Conflict, page 6: The two armies approach eachother as they march across the vast lands of the island 'e'. Conflict, page 7: The fight is on as evens tear into odds and vice versa.  An 8 finds himself in a confrontation with a 3 things look grim. Conflict, page 8: Chaos erupts as the 8 is slain but quickly avenged by some artilery siege!  Becc finds himself also under fire but manages to stay away the immediate threat. Conflict, page 9: Becc finds Ed in the carnage and charges him!  The two enter into heated battle exchanging blows. Conflict, page 10: The combat slows down for a moment as Becc unleashes his secret weapon; summoning a Mech from the stars! Conflict, page 11: Ed evens things out by transforming into his own Mech through the power of division by 0! Conflict, page 12: Ed's mech slowly unfurls his immense artillery and begins charging it as Becc saunters toward him only to have Ed be torn a sunder by a swift blade attack. Conflict, page 13: Things finish off with Ed's demise as Becc tears through Ed's mech; to top it all off Becc adds insult to injury. Conflict, Created by: Brock Forest and Robin Fast.