Conflict, cover: Becc, Ed, and a few other random~ items float around in bubbles.
Conflict, page 1: Becc is facerolling the keyboard while Ed sits in the couch wasting time until Becc starts acting... suspicious. Conflict, page 2: The conflict begins with a bang as a huge mushroom cloud from afar shocks Ed while Becc has his fun. Conflict, page 3: A mermaid comes tearing through the sky smashing through Becc and Ed's roof shocking~ Ed. Conflict, page 4: Ace makes her grand entrance which leads to the big reveal that Ed and Ace are the last two remaining people on earth! Conflict, page 5: Ed and Ace end up on Ed's bed finally ridding themselves of Becc... eventually, Ed follows this up by taking a blow to his self-esteem. Conflict, page 6: When Ed realizes how far away Ace's lab is he tries to make use of a trick he saw Becc perform however only ends up being dizzy... Conflict, page 7: Montage! Ed and Ace decide to simply walk to the LHC instead; their travels are documented with beautiful and tragic views. Conflict, page 8: Once inside the LHC Ace tinkers with her formula while Ed looks on as Becc takes care of a slight oversight. Conflict, page 9: Ed bored with all the tedium of particle physics accidentally starts the machine with unknown variables and consequences. Conflict, page 10: The Large Hadron Collider boots up in an epic series of accelerating particles to nearly the speed of light, except this time the collision causes a blac khole! Conflict, page 11: The black hole on a rampage engulfs the entire universe only to spark the bigbang and reset things back to normal~. Conflict, page 12: Becc and Ed bid farewell for now to Ace now that things are... nearly back to normal. Conflict, Created by: Brock Forest and Robin Fast.