Conflict, cover: A hand grasps a bus pass.
Conflict, page 1: Setting the scene. Becc is flailing away at the keyboard while Ed reads a book on the couch. Conflict, page 2: Ed ponders what the comic is about Becc informs him in a veiled introduction of them as the protagonists. Conflict, page 3: Becc teleports Ed to the moon to help create a conflict and add intrigue to the story Conflict, page 4: The moon bus pulls Ed on board. Conflict, page 5: Ed takes a look at all the interesting passengers on the bus. Conflict, page 6: The conflcit progresses as Ed lacks funds to pay for the bus ride back to earth. Conflict, page 7: A giant evil ram appears and destroys the bus. Conflict, page 8: After taking notice of Ed the ram charges Ed. Conflict, page 9: Ed dives for the cosmonaut's legs with the ram hot on his heels. Conflict, page 10: Ed throws the cosmonaut into the ram's mouth causing the ram to explode (pretty jaws-esque). Conflict, page 11: Ed crawls out of a crater, jumps on a spacecraft, and heads back to earth. Conflict, page 12: Reset to the start with the spaceship parked outside; Ed is passed out on the couch while Becc tools with the computer. Conflict, Created by: Brock Forest and Robin Fast.